The 2022 Beijing International Conference on Brain Science Neuropsychiatry Translational Medicine Summit and Innovation Achievements Exhibition was held

On August 21, “2022 Beijing International Conference on Brain Science Neuropsychiatry Translational Medicine Summit and Innovation Achievements Exhibition”,which is one of Zhongguancun BBS series activity, sponsored by the Beijing municipal association for science and technology, the society for neuroscience in Beijing, the capital medical university, Beijing science and technology community service center, Beijing brain and brain research center, Co-organized by the Administrative Committee of Beijing Economic and Technological Development Zone, Beijing Yizhuang Shengyuan Investment and Development Group Co., LTD., and Beijing Association for Science and Technology Innovation Service Center. The event will be held in Shengyuan Academy of Beijing Economic and Technological Development Zone. Fanxing Meng, vice president of Beijing Association for Science and Technology, Shanhong Mao,Development Director of Beijing Economic and Technological Development Zone Administrative Committee, Xunming Ji, president of Beijing Neuroscience Society and Vice president of Capital Medical University attended the event and delivered a speech. The opening ceremony was presided over by Haitao Wu, a researcher at the Military Medical Research Institute.

Fanxing Meng said in his speech that the 2022 Beijing International Academic Conference on Brain Science aims to create a high-end international academic exchange activity in brain science, highlighting the characteristics of frontier, cross-integration, internationalization and youth, promoting the combination of basic scientific research with clinical translation and technical output, and helping the innovation and development of the capital. For the first time, the conference added a venue for innovation achievements, focusing on major innovation achievements in the field of neuroscience with Beijing characteristics. Through multi-channel soliciting, extensive publicity and concentrated promotion, the conference built an innovation resource docking platform, promoted the transformation of scientific and technological achievements in brain science, and helped Zhongguancun to conduct a new round of pilot trials. In the future, the Beijing Association for Science and Technology will continue to enhance the role of organization, management, service and support, hold high the banner, expand the platform, optimize the brand, attract more talents, constantly launch brand activities with appeal, influence and communication power, and strive to show vitality and practical new actions in the construction of the capital science and innovation Center.

Shanhong Mao pointed out that China’s scientific research strength has steadily ranked among the top in the world in recent years, but the overall innovation level still needs to be further improved. It is attributed to the overall economic planning of China, and the understanding of the concept of innovation, but there are few relevant studies at present. Today’s innovation achievements exhibition exchange activity is a beneficial discussion and attempt on how to do a good job in reform and innovation. We will work together with scientific research workers, parks and enterprises to solve problems for the reform and construction of science and technology innovation system.

Xunming Ji said that today’s innovation results exhibition activity combined with Zhongguancun Forum, held in the economic development zone, is a kind of innovation, which will play a positive role in promoting the transformation of the medical industry, as soon as possible to achieve internationalization. He hoped that Beijing Neuroscience Society would establish long-term and permanent cooperation with relevant institutions, create a stable exchange platform for clinical experts and related enterprises, effectively shorten the “last one kilometer” of scientific and technological achievements transformation, and realize the real integration between academic research, talent training and industrial transformation.

Projects road shows were hosted by Qin Shaozheng, a professor from Beijing Normal University. Six experts were invited to serve as judges, namely Lian Duan, Vice president of Beijing Neuroscience Society, chief physician of the Department of Neurosurgery, PLA General Hospital; Zhicheng Liu, Professor, School of Biomedical Engineering, Capital Medical University; Jin Li, former President of Beijing Neuroscience Society and Professor, Institute of Toxicology and Drug, Academy of Military Medical Research; Xiaodong Fan, President of Institute of Medical Device Industry, University of Shanghai for Science and Technology; Lei Zhao , Chairman of Xinbo Medical Technology Co., LTD; Le Wei, director of Biotechnology and Health Department of Beijing Yizhuang International Investment and Development Co., LTD. They evaluated 24 projects from the perspectives of clinical value, innovation and advancement. Finally, they selected the TOP10 innovative achievements, and issued the certificate of “2022 Beijing Neuropsychiatry Innovation Achievements TOP10”.

The event was broadcasted online and offline through the channel of Science and Technology Association, Arterial Network, Weibo of Chinese Neuroscience Society, AiBrain Video account and other platforms, with nearly 1.2 million online participants. During the event, outstanding projects were displayed and promoted in the cloud, bringing cutting-edge medical achievements to the main position of Beijing’s high-precision industries, and promoting the effective docking and application of innovative resources.