Jianping Jia CV

Professor Jia, Jianping., MD, PhD

Director of Innovation Center for Neurological Disorders, Honorary director of Department of Neurology of Xuanwu Hospital, Head of Department of Neurology of Capital Medical University, former Chairman of Neurology Committee of Chinese Medical Association, former Chairman of the Neurologist Society of Chinese Medical Doctor Association.

His research interests include mechanisms, peripheral markers, and therapeutic drug development in Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias. He identified the first Chinese Alzheimer’s disease pedigree and opened a new era of Alzheimer’s disease genetic research in China. He has established the Chinese Familial Alzheimer’s Network Cohort (CFAN) and has reported more than 90 gene variations, which provided Chinese data for the global Alzheimer’s disease genetic study. Prof. Jia has also established a Chinese cognition and aging (COAST) study cohort of more than 100,000 people. He continuously reported basic data, including the prevalence of dementia and mild cognitive impairment, and health economic data, which has provided a large database for global research on the occurrence and development of dementia. Prof. Jia has also identified several biomarkers that can predict Alzheimer’s disease 5–7 years before the onset of symptoms. Despite repeated setbacks of anti-dementia drugs in clinical trials across the world, he is convinced that a treatment will be found. Not only has he presided over 17 clinical trials in China but is also involved in 12 international clinical trials as China’s leading principal investigator in this field, highlighting his continuous efforts in the search for effective drugs for dementia.

Prof. Jia is universally recognized as the chief architect of Alzheimer’s disease research in China. He has served as the Founding Chair of the Neurologists Society of the Chinese Medical Doctor Association and as the Director of the Cognitive Disorders Committee. He has also served as the Founding President of the Neurology branch of the Chinese Medical Association and as the leader of the Dementia and Cognitive Impairment group. He has also been serving as the Founding Chair of the Dementia and Cognitive Disorders Working Committee of the Chinese Medical Doctor Association. Through his work in these organizations, he has addressed the challenges of an aging population in China. His most important contribution is the continuous development of 28 guidelines for the diagnosis and treatment of dementia, including the translation of the proposed criteria for Alzheimer’s disease dementia from the National Institute on Aging/Alzheimer’s Association into Chinese and its popularization in China. These efforts have increased the diagnosis rate by four times. He has also established a dementia specialist system and trained specialists for the benefit of 15 million patients with dementia and more than 30 million patients with mild cognitive impairment in China. Prof. Jia is leading and standardizing the field of dementia in China. He is an Advisory Editorial Board member of the journal “Alzheimer’s & Dementia” and an Editorial Board member of the journal “Alzheimer’s Research & Therapy.” He has authored over 960 publications with a total of 18200 citations, including more than 300 SCI papers. He has been selected as highly cited scholars in the world. He is the editor in chief of a series of neurology text book including Neurology (6th edition, 7th edition and 8th edition), widely used by 168 universities in China. Professor Jia won the second prize of national science and Technology Progress Award in 2013 and the first prize of Beijing Science and Technology Progress Award in 2020. In 2021, he won the Zaven Khachaturian scientific achievement award of the international Alzheimer’s Association. He is the first Chinese scholar to win this award.“As a leader in the field of dementia in China, Prof. Jia pioneered the genetic research of Alzheimer’s disease, reported important epidemiological data of dementia in China, standardized the diagnosis and treatment criteria for dementia, advocated and trained a large number of dementia professionals, and established memory clinics for patients with dementia to get timely and appropriate diagnosis and treatment. His work has improved the diagnosis and treatment quality of dementia in China, which accounts for one fifth of the world’s population, and has made outstanding contributions to the fight against dementia in China and even the world,” said Maria C. Carrillo, Ph.D., Chief Science Officer, Alzheimer’s Association.


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